I am told I spend too much time on Facebook. It appears to my family that I am just goofing around with different social networks, similar to someone surfing the web. They are wrong. If they would peer over my shoulder they would find that I seek out articles and blogs that edify me, challenge me and cause me to got off the fence and decide on where I stand on the different issues that are addressed.  I am constantly finding opportunities where it is possible to be the encourager, while other times I am the one being encouraged.  The internet, for me, is a source of far more positive influence than negative. I have made it a habit to purge the groups, blogs, or friends that waste my time or bring me down. I hope, whoever might be reading this, that you find something positive in the words I share.  Feel free to comment and share your perspective and possibly even enlighten me in what I might not be aware of in this new world of blogging.