A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: The Truth About Discontentment

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A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: The Truth About Discontentment.

Enjoy this blog…Perfect reminder for us as we go through the current chapter.


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God is Writing My Story “One-Day-At-A-Time”


This is a real cool way of looking at my life’s journey through God’s eyes. As I (Pray, Seek, Knock)  it is my endeavor to be CHANGED and BECOME all He has called us to be…(that goal and promise just blows my mind)    I need to be aware of the fact that….He has already written my story.  It is a story on my life, transformed as I walk with Jesus, down a path He has prepared in advance.  Think about it, We are not called to be heroes might even be a hero, but regardless of the direction or the location (mountains, valleys, deserts, meadows, or along calm rivers flowing with cool water) He is leading the way, all that I have to do is follow His lead.

Before you were conceived, God imagined your life from beginning to end. He writes, not with paper and ink, but three dimensionally in time, weaving your story into a larger narrative about His character and love.  Your life plays out for all to see on the cinema screen called reality.  And in your story, you are the hero.  Not exemplifying a heroism that “saves the day,” but rather a heroism that courageously journey’s toward a life of transformation and transcendence, a life of abiding in Jesus, moment-by-moment.”   Make no mistake the journey you’re on is one between you and God.  He’s already written everything; you’re just living the script.”  “Remember, it’s your story.  It’s your journey.  Regardless of how you might feel, your life is going somewhere.”   From a recent Belief changers’ blog.http://beliefchangers.com/site/blog/have-you-read-the-story-written-about-you/#