I needed to retread my own thoughts. How easily we forget, our own past reflections when we turn away and get caught up in the issues of the day.


“Brrrrrr it is cold in this house”, are the first words I hear this November morning.  The words resonated within me and got me examining my own cold heart, the place that is suppose to be Christ’s home.

When I walk around on auto pilot, think negative thoughts, feel like a victim or want to run away, these are all signs of a cold heart.  “Lord, give me a heart that longs after yours and spends the time necessary basking in the warmth of your presence.  Fill me up, overflowing, that that same warmth would be evident to those you have put into my life.”

Did you know that it is the blood that warms our body, from the inside out?  The life is in the blood.  the blood of Jesus gives life, warms up a cold heart and feeds and nourishes the soul.  If you give that warmth away…

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