I am a work in progress, forever being sanctified by Him, through Him and in Him. “Heb 10:14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.”

I am well aware of the fact that I over-think/stress things, I miss my mom and dad dearly, I Love God above all things , Jesus is my ROCK and my SALVATION, Life is always changing, but I stand firm in Him.

I realize our days are numbered, better start living for the Lord and stop chasing the wind and all its vanity,. Never stop learning, everything starts with a thought, make the next thought about something more than the temporal, eternity minded and other’s focused is a great place to begin the day, but After that cup of coffee �

I love my 4 sons, (to the moon and back) and they are my pride and joy. Most days, I long for Jesus’ return and going home, but not until I share with as many people as possible what that means.

The more I mess up my life and turn to Jesus, the more I find my life in Him. I am finally learning what his means “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matthew 16:25

Thankful for the thoughtful overview and hope filled prognosis’ of my accountability sisters over this last week.. I have to say, “I agree whole heartedly”.

We are on the same page, my friends. Getting a full time job lined up and a routine is a priority.  I really feel it’s needed.  I want to know where I belong and fit, to me that would be heaven. Right now, I’m a hot mess one day and a happy camper the next. I feel like a transient, more than not. School may lead to that perfect job or perhaps a successful self-employment opportunity.

I know this is not my home, but I also know God has a place for me in this Mess of a world, until that day when he chooses to take me home. I’m praying for clarity and purpose,  Like Joseph, I want to be apart of God s calling and I want to see the rewards. Thanks for having confidence in me and giving me room to wiggle and fail and lending a hand and heart when asked.  In doing so, you cover me while I, in all humility, get back up, shake off the dust and start down that road again.

I’m on a journey.  It’s an adventure that, sometimes leaves me depleted and scared. Thankfully, I hold his promises close and my faith is grounded in a hope that is not wishful thinking or conditional on the acceptance of others.  Jesus is my hope and until that day, I know, He does all and only good.  He takes this hot mess and squeezes the junk out as He hugs me and comforts me through the valley of the shadow of death. Because of Him, I fear no evil nor will never prevail. I know, I will never want and He anoints what/who He calls…

I pray to clearly see and walk in the calling He, prepared for me a long, long time ago. Not for you or someone else, but for me.

I pray, I can assist in helping others seek vision, direction, guidance and confidence for the same to be true in their lives.  I know it requires, Living one day at a time, accepting hardship, being content, knowing that, one day, we will all see Him face to face. And what a day that will be  hallelujah.

Love and grace to the reader,